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"The work must be reborn in every performance." [Gustav Mahler]

The Goldberg Variations for wind ensembles.
The Gran Partita for string orchestra.
A birthday serenade for family music

“My gift is to grasp the essence of music and to dress it in a new outfit, to create tailor
made arrangements for your ensemble – for chamber music quartets, wind orchestras,
choirs and all sorts of formations. I arrange, orchestrate and transcribe music for new
instrumentation." [Dietmar Rainer]

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My portfolio includes music arrangements, adaptations, transcription and orchestration
for symphonic wind orchestras, wind ensembles, choirs and organs – and much more.
• Are you conducting an orchestra with an incomplete instrumentation?
I can rearrange selected pieces of work. Your musicians will be able to play my adaptation right away and the missing instrumentation won't be noticed.
• Does your music include instruments that are not available?
I will edit your piece in a way that the missing instruments won't be noticed.
• Are you leading an ensemble with an unusual instrumentation?
I can orchestrate pretty much every musical piece and adapt it to almost any instrumentation.
• You came across a work that wasn't orchestrated for contemporary orchestras?
I will brush up old scores and convert outdated music into a modern sound image.

Who is Toccata?

Dietmar Rainer - Master of Music

Education or professional training

  • Instrumental pedagogy and trumpet at the University Mozarteum Salzburg (A) with Gottfried Menth
  • Trumpet at the private Anton-Bruckner University in Linz (A) with Josef Eidenberger
  • Private lessons with Wolfgang Guggenberger and Bo Nilsson
  • Wind orchestra conducting and instrumentation at the Istituto Europeo Bandistico (ISEB) in Trento (I) with Jan Cober, Felix Hauswirth, Alex Schillings, Josè Pasqual Vilaplana and Carlo Pirola
  • Master’s degree in Wind Band / Brass Band Conducting at the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Maastricht (NL) with Jan Cober


  • Musikum Salzburg (A)
  • Music school Berchtesgadener Land (D)
  • Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand
  • Music school of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano - South Tyrol (I)
  • Secondary school with musical orientation in Silandro - South Tyrol (I)
    Subjects: music theory, trumpet, choir, ensemble, orchestra, conducting


  • Symphonic Wind Orchestra Vinschgau (I)
  • Wind Band Senales - South Tyrol (I)
  • Church Choir Senales - South Tyrol (I)
  • Wind Band Naturno - South Tyrol (I)
  • Various Music Theatre Projects
  • School Choir Silandro - South Tyrol (I)
  • Member of the music section of the Association of South Tyrolean Music Bands
  • Manager of the conductor training scheme in the Silandro district - South Tyrol (I)

Organ, piano, trumpet, euphonium, French horn, tuba, alphorn, saxophone, Styrian

References - Arrangements

Here is an excerpt from the individual music arrangements, note arrangements and instrumentations that I have made so far.



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Working together is easy:

  • You tell me about your project, and I will advise you and suggest some initial solutions.
  • You send the score and I will make an offer.
  • And as soon as you give me the green light, I'll start working.I will then send you the sheet music as a PDF on the agreed date.
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